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Winter Special (while supplies last)

Coral Complex 2 (90 capsules)
Retail Price $19.95
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1 Bottles Coral Calcium2     $12.00 ($12.00/bottle)

2 Bottles Coral Calcium2
    $18.00 ($9.00/bottle)

3 Bottles Coral Calcium2    $24.99  ($8.33/bottle)

6 Bottles Coral Calcium2
    $45.00 ($7.50/bottle)


Coral Complex 2 consists of the following ingredients:

Coral powder: 600mg per capsule delivers 225mg of calcium (multiply x 3 for 675mg per dose) and 73 trace minerals. Coral is an excellent calcium supplement because it is readily absorbable and has never been known to cause constipation as is common with other calcium supplements. However, the presence of the trace minerals (every mineral needed by the human body) is perhaps more important than the calcium. Recommended dose 3 capsules per day to maintain and promote health.

Calcium Citrate: 5mg of calcium from citrate per capsule. Originally formulated for the synergistic enhancement between the calciums.

Vitamin D: 400IU Vitamin D3 as cholecalceriferol is in each capsule. This Vitamin D3 is derived from a natural source (lanolin from sheep hair). Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is necessary to charge the Vitamin D receptors of the small intestine that are instrumental in the uptake of calcium.
Vitamin C: 5mg of Vitamin C is in each capsule. This small amount of Vitamin C was added for the synergistic effect on the formula.

Magnesium: 50mg of magnesium as citrate and oxide has been added. Magnesium is naturally present in coral (at a 40:1 ratio) in a similar ratio as found in the human body.

Malic Acid: is derived from apple juice and is known to prevent the clumping of calcium. Although the calcium found in coral has never been known to clump, the malic acid is added for this reason.

Betaine HCL: is a substance that helps stimulate digestion.

Dosage: Naturopathic doctors usually recommend 3 capsules per day as a maintenance supply for a healthy adult. To reverse a specific condition (i.e. raising pH or building bone density), a N.D often recommends a double dose. To address a chronic condition, a N.D. often recommends a triple dose. No known toxicity level exists.

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